A Taste of Lima

Peru is a country of indescribable beauty and I took advantage of this opportunity to discover Peru’s culinary specialties. While many restaurants across Lima offer cuisine from around the world, I decided to focus on the gastronomy that best represents the identity of Peruvians.

Since I was meeting Sra. Milagros Castro for lunch, she took me to a restaurant called Altamar, a seafood restaurant located on Av. Jose Pardo in Miraflores. There, I ordered a menu for S/. 25.00 ($9) and ordered a ceviche and a dish made of beans, rice and beef with a chicha morada—a traditional Peruvian water-based punch made of boiled purple corn, pineapple peel and cinnamon. The punch was amazingly refreshing and very low in calories!

2014-05-23 13.08.19

Ceviche con chicha morada!

The ceviche, which is a must try was amazing! The dish is made of fish or raw seafood cut into small pieces before being marinated in leche de tigre (lime juice) with peppers.

2014-05-23 13.09.39


2014-05-23 13.30.26

Arroz con frijoles

This other dish made of beans, rice and beef was equally delicious although I was not able to finish it because I was llena (full)!

During my stay in Lima, I also decided to try some pollo a la brasa (roast chicken), which is one of Peru’s specialties! I walked to Norky’s, which is located in Miraflores and a dish of pollo a la brasa for S/. 16.90 ($6). Because Peruvian cuisine often uses a lot of potatoes (after all, Peru’s International Potato Center hosts more than 4,000 varieties of potatoes), the roast chicken served in a quarter was accompanied with plenty of French fries! The roast chicken was amazingly good, tender and well-seasoned!

2014-05-22 13.35.37

Pollo a la brasa con papas (French fries)

Last but not least, I also ate some arroz con pollo (chicken over rice) in a nice restaurant called Restaurante Javier in Barranco. The restaurant was located just one block away from the Pacific Ocean and as a result, the view was amazing! The arrow con pollo was decently priced as I just paid S/. 13.00 ($6). When I saw my plate, I have to admit that I was a bit surprised because the piece of chicken was huge! The chicken was cooked with different herbs and served with both a serving of rice AND a serving of fries!

2014-05-25 16.20.30

Arroz con pollo

I also ordered a bottle of Inca Kola, which is Peru’s national soda. The yellow soda had a flavor of bubble gum and was extremely high in calories, which is the reason why I only had a cup!



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